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Ministry of Finance and Economic Management (Vanuatu), 17931 اللائحة
MetaTrader4 البرمجيات
Vanuatu عنوان

The primary purpose of is providing of high-quality services in the field of Internet-trading. The key priority of the broker is cooperation with Clients: prompt execution of all warrants and requests of the Client, the maximum precision in the offered services, products’ usability. Professionalism, transparency, and focus on customer are the main principles of work on all stages starting from opening an account till the withdrawal of profits. Our goal is to create the most favorable environment in which the Client is able to fully realize his or her intellectual and financial capabilities in order to maximize profits on financial markets.

We set ourselves the task to provide our Clients and Partners with the most effective combination of the best trading conditions, professional team and maximum reliability. accentforex broker attaches a great importance to the development of new technologies, promising orientations and unique offerings for his customers. Reputation for our team is one of the most valuable asset, we will do everything to make You satisfied with the high quality of services, operations, usability and accuracy in all concerning Team - always takes into consideration all wishes and needs of our customers, we try to be as close as it possible to our Partners and Customers. Trying to predict needs of Traders and Partners, accentforex forex broker is creating a long-lasting and mutually beneficial relations in various types of financial trading.

Advantages of accentforex forex : Initial deposit from $10; Flexible leverage from 1:1 up to 500:1 (8 variants); 8 types of accounts (STP/Mini/Micro/PROfit X Swap/Swap-free); Open positions from 1 000 (0.01 lot); REALLY Tight fixed and dynamic (at choice) spreads (starting from 0.5 pip); Ability to hedge with no additional margin for locked positions Stop Debt System - Negative account balance protection; Immediately Instant Execution. No slippage, minimal delay, minimum requotes; STP (Straight through processing) execution for all clients; STP accounts for professionals with market execution (guaranteed – no requotes) NDD/NoDD execution for all orders (No Dealing Desk Execution - means No Dealer Intervention); Hedging of all positions with volume from 0,1 lot on interbank market; Hedging of all positions to Market Makers; Expert Advisor automatic trading & scalping are welcomed (trading with trading robots, advisors, experts, EA, etc); Swap-free: trading without swaps (Islamic accounts with no interest) is available for everybody without any restrictions; CFD Short selling possibility on all markets; No restrictions for clients from different countries (except US customers); More than 60 currency pairs are available (including majors, minors, exotic crosses); 5 digit currency pairs with fractional pips; Over 140 financial instruments are available (on Forex & Spot Markets, Futures, Stocks) for trading; CFD on Future contracts, Stocks and Metals (gold/silver) – are available for “Micro” accounts; No additional charges or fees on Forex trading (only spread & Swap); Simplified process of account registration (it takes not more 5 min); Multi-currency accounts with the main currencies supported: $ - US dollar, € - EUR Euro; Partial interbank prices are supplied into MetaTrader 4 platform from the main liquidity suppliers on the Forex market directly (execution of trading transactions is on the basis of trading quotes of the leading world banks); Live support with qualified personal, professional attitude and impeccable service 24 hours during the whole week anywhere you are; Real-time finance analysis & finance news; Fast, Easy and Secure Withdrawal/Deposit (via Bank, credit/debit cards and e-wallets); Trading via Phone is available (Free for PROfit accounts); Broker use high-end equipment and best software for  improving of services for all clients, every day; Client’s personal area is protected by SSL technology; Highly profitable affiliate program IB Accent (with unique advantages & best conditions); A lot of Bonuses, Contests, and Promotions are always running. (for demo & live accounts); STP/NDD Retail Forex&CFD Broker; Best broker to start your profitable trading: +35% bonus for each deposit; Earn more than others do; Full range of forex instruments with spread from 0.1 pips. Get +25% cash and trade without any limits; Multicurrency Islamic accounts with deposit bonus and instant execution without slippage; Receive to €3500 on your live account. Get instant forex access with STP execution.

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شروط وأحكام التداول AccentForex
+44 20 8144 4026هاتف مجاني
دعم على مدار 24 ساعة
التعليم المجاني
تداول المحمول
تداول على مدار 24 ساعة
الأرقام بعد النقطة في علامات الاقتباس
الحد الأدنى لحجم الموقف
انتشار نوع
0.5انتشار PIP على التخصصات
500:1تأثير ايجابي
ECN, $
10حساب قياسي, $
10حساب صغير, $
Credit Card, PayPal, Wire Transferطرق دفع شائعة
عملات الحساب
metals, CFDs, 64 currency pairs, over 140 financial instruments availableالصكوك الأخرى
نوع وسيط
MFEM (Vanuatu)اللائحة
2010تأسست في

تقييم AccentForex

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