Askobid — تقييم وسيط الفوركس ، التعليقات 2023
Askobid is licensed and regulated by CySEC, ASIC and MiFID, meaning that they operate within strict guidelines with regards to documentation and account funding; this point should not be underestimated in today�s market, where many brokers operate outside the boundaries of regulatory bodies and offer little assurance to their clients. اللائحة
Proprietary Platform, MetaTrader4 البرمجيات
Webgine Ltd, Spyrou Kyprianou 38, CCS Building, P.O.B 70091, Kato Polemidia , Limassol 4160, Cyprus. Fax: +357 25 333 067. Tel: +357 25 028 544 عنوان

Askobid is a promising new European broker offering Forex, Stock indices and Commodities via their proprietary platform as well as the renowned MetaTrader4.

First impressions & Support
Askobid seems to be targeting a wide range of trader types with their one-stop-shop solution; a proprietary platform suited to the needs of new to mid-level traders, and a MetaTrader4 service that will be instantly familiar to and those looking for an Autotrading option.
Their multi-lingual website is attractive and easy to navigate, with clear explanations of the available account types, features and trading conditions on offer. Their support team was fast to respond to my Livechat request and they seemed to be very knowledgeable about the Forex market and their platforms. Support is available 24/7 via Livechat/phone/e-mail and you can actually contact them over the weekend if needs be. Askobid claims to place a high importance on educating their clients to be successful traders and to this effect they offer a decent amount of content aimed at achieving this, including multiple daily market reports, an “Academy” and webinars.

Funding & Withdrawal
CySEC and ASIC regulation means Askobid is required to follow strict guidelines when dealing with deposits and withdrawals and although this may sometimes lead to a slower process (for deposits of $10,000+) it nevertheless means a greater level of security for anyone wishing to invest with them. For deposits of less than $10k the process is quite standard and takes up to ten minutes to fund an account. Payment methods in askobid forex include Wire Transfer, major Credit Cards and Moneybookers, via which users can use up to 30 additional “e-wallets”. From my experience their withdrawal process was relatively efficient, although be sure to send all the requested documents before you try to withdraw in order to avoid any potential processing delays.

Opening an Account
Opening a Demo / Practice account with Askobid is straightforward and within 7-8 minutes of sign-up I was placing trades; the account is valid for 21 days, has a balance of $50k and gives an accurate impression of performance prior to investing in a Real account. Expect to receive a call from one of their support team within a couple of days. There are 3 choices when opening a Real account: Silver ($100+), Gold ($1000+) or Platinum ($10,000+), for which the spreads and features vary, as well as the level of first deposit reward, rated up to 30%.

Trading Platform & Conditions
Askobid’s proprietary platform is web-based which automatically presents the advantage of being able to login and trade from any computer/location in the world, even with a low bandwidth connection. In addition, a mobile trading application is slated for release sometime in 2010.
askobid broker platform supports standard market functionality (including integrated charting tools, real time analysis feeds, Stop Loss, Entry Limit, “Take Profit”, One click order execution, No-deficit guarantee) as well as a range of unique trading modes; new traders will like the visual “Trade Station”, while more experienced speculators will appreciate the option of a more traditional orientation. One particularly useful feature is the “market sentiment” meter, giving the ability to see how other users are trading.

Order execution in askobid forex broker is fast and reliable and will satisfy all but the most impatient of scalpers, and those looking for the ability to hedge will not be disappointed. In terms of trading conditions, the offering is competitive and covers Forex, Stock Indices and Commodities, with acceptable spreads across the board (3 pips on majors). Leverage of up to 400:1 is available although the support team warned me against over leveraging my positions in order to limit my risk exposure. Not all brokers will voice their opinion in this manner, after all it is ultimately the client’s choice, however credit should be given for taking a responsible approach.

All in all, despite being a relative newcomer to an already bustling market place, Askobid appears to have put together a reliable product and service for anyone who wishes to trade multiple instruments, backed up by a high level of client support. They have designed a top notch platform and boast a variety of add-ons and tools that ultimately deliver the all inclusive “trading experience”. I can confidently recommend opening an account and wish you the best of luck with your investment.

On the broker’s profile page the rating visitors can leave askobid review as well as read askobid reviews written by other traders.

شروط وأحكام التداول Askobid
Webgine Ltd, Spyrou Kyprianou 38, CCS Building, P.O.B 70091, Kato Polemidia , Limassol 4160, Cyprusمقر
+357 25 028 544هاتف مجاني
دعم على مدار 24 ساعة
برامج الشراكة
التعليم المجاني
تداول المحمول
تداول على مدار 24 ساعة
الأرقام بعد النقطة في علامات الاقتباس
الحد الأدنى لحجم الموقف
انتشار نوع
1-3انتشار PIP على التخصصات
400:1تأثير ايجابي
ECN, $
100حساب قياسي, $
100حساب صغير, $
Credit Card, PayPal, Wire Transferطرق دفع شائعة
عملات الحساب
metals, stocksالصكوك الأخرى
Proprietary Platform, MetaTrader4منصات
نوع وسيط
CySEC, ASIC, MiFIDاللائحة
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