Formax — تقييم وسيط الفوركس ، التعليقات 2021
Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Registration Number: 624225 اللائحة
MetaTrader4 البرمجيات
107 Cheapside, London, United Kingdom, EC2V 6DN عنوان

Formax Prime Capital (UK) Limited, is regulated by the FCA and offers ECN trading across Forex, Indices and Commodities, with highly competitive spreads from 0.2 pips on MT4 and 1.5 pips on ZuluTrade platforms. Clients can choose pricing models from ECN commission free or ECN raw spreads + commission.

Formax Prime Capital (UK) Limited believe in developing long term partnerships with clients from day one, ensuring 24/5 support by phone and live chat via the website.

Experience the professional difference that an exclusive ECN broker can make, and discover the new way to trade, visit or call us on +44(0)20 3819 3100.

About option 2: Enjoy absolute transparency when you trade with Formax. Trade quickly, securely and on the move, with the added benefit of renowned client attention for traders who demand professional tools and expertise, but who value a broker who only works in their interests.

With Formax you can trade Forex, Commodities and Indices with the choice of two platforms, MT4 or ZuluTrade.

To find out more visit or call the team on +44 (0)20 3819 3100.

8 key points:

100% of your trades go to market
One-click dealing and ultra-low latency, wherever and whenever
Advanced charting and key indicator analysis
Tight spreads as low as 0.2 pips
Flexible pricing and complete transparency
Option to use automated expert advisers to trade for you
24/5 trading and valuable support
Free market insights emailed to you


Choose an exclusive ECN broker that never trades against you

FX trading just became professional with Formax. For traders who value a trusted partner by their side, we exclusively operate through an ECN system. This gives our clients the speed and sharpest trading tools they need, as well as numerous other advantages.

ECN works only for you. One of the hallmarks of an ECN broker is that they are “on your side”. In other words, they can’t trade against you as they only STP trades to tier one liquidity providers. This is not always the case in the FX market – some brokers will profit from your losses.

Transparency that makes a difference. You can also feel reassured by complete transparency when you trade. Because of how information is transmitted – through what is known as straight-through-processing (STP) – you get total peace of mind there is zero interference from the broker.

Trade during true market hours… You can trade during true market hours knowing that the prices you are trading on are not synthetic b-book prices made up outside of official market hours. 

...and trade instantly. You can benefit from the best executable prices in the marketplace, and get instant confirmations. Zero interference by price makers means trades are final and confirmed as soon as they are filled. There are never any artificial adjustments or interference from a dealing desk.

Potentially lower fees. An ECN broker will often offer its clients narrower bid/ask spreads more in-line with an institutional offering that historically has been reserved for hedge funds, banks and brokers. This gives the typical retail investor access to the same liquidity as much bigger players in the market.

There is also the potential for lower commissions and fees. At Formax we give our ECN users a choice of how they wish to pay for their trading – allowing clients to decide what is best for their own style of trading. You can choose from either an ECN Commission Free or ECN Raw + Commission account.

Anonymity if you want it. If you value your privacy, an ECN broker can give you a level of anonymity not typical in forex trading. This may appeal to FX traders who wish to make larger transactions and lets you deal on neutral prices that are unbiased and reflect authentic market conditions.

شروط وأحكام التداول Formax
107 Cheapside, London, United Kingdom, EC2V 6DNعنوان
+44(0)203 819 3100هاتف مجاني
دعم على مدار 24 ساعة
برامج الشراكة
تداول المحمول
التداول الآلي
حساب تجريبي
5الأرقام بعد النقطة في علامات الاقتباس
0.01الحد الأدنى لحجم الموقف
variableانتشار نوع
0.6انتشار PIP على التخصصات
200تأثير ايجابي
5000ECN, $
1000حساب قياسي, $
1000حساب صغير, $
طرق دفع شائعة
USD, EUR, GBPعملات الحساب
FX, CFD Indices and Commoditiesالصكوك الأخرى
English, Chinese, Arabic, Spanishاللغات
STP/ECNنوع وسيط
2014تأسست في
نسخة وسطاء التداول

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