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FSA (Japan), NFA, CFTC, DGCX, DMCC, ASIC, FSA (UK), MAS اللائحة
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618 Kenmoor Ave SE Grand Rapids, MI 49546, USA; toll free:1 616-956-9273 عنوان

Global Forex Trading was founded in 1997 as subdivision of Global Futures & Forex, Ltd.

Residence, Regulation, and Company Management Structure
The company is registered in the US, is registered with the CFTC, and is a member of the FCM.
A company has a few offices - their addresses are mentioned, the maps of their locations are available and he managers of company and its subdivisions are listed.

Company's Market Position

  • The company is positioned as an MM, but the banks-partners (liquidity suppliers) are not listed.
  • The company conducts client and managed accounts; offering professional, guided, management with the Satori Trading Company, and also different types of trader's support from other exterior companies.

Types Services Offered

  • The company the trades of currencies of 7 developed and 12 developing countries and their cross-exchanges. On every currency the name, size of tic, time of the greatest liquidity, sizes of spread and point, middle daily volume of transactions and terms of delivery are listed.
  • All of the currency exchanges are traded with selectable financial leverages from: 400:1 to 1:1.The size of standard lot is 100 000 units of leading currency, 10 000 units on the mini-forex.
  • Limitations on volume of transactions were not found, on the site, as were also not other terms readily available. The size of the supporting margin is set to 25%.
  • Trading with GFTforex is a rather expensive business. Different fees and payments are set by the company: for passivity, overnight, for withdrawing the money from account, for the transferring the funds from one account to another, etc.
  • The company offers a chargeable set of services for clients: an automatic trading system, translation of auction signals, professional online-comments, levels of DiNapoli and other things.
  • Depending on the type of account, the requirements on minimum deposits are set - from $250 to $10000.
  • Depositing / withdrawing of money are made through the traditional methods - bank order, cashier's checks.
  • The signing of a "hard" copy contract/agreement is required for opening an account.

Traders Support

  • Apart from English, the site also supports Japanese.
  • There is a page for beginners, with a demo-account offered.
  • Interactive support of clients is conducted by phone, by a chat and a blog (forum).
  • The fundamental support of traders is sound enough: there is a calendar of events, free of charge. However, payment is required for news and analysis, etc.

The Trading platform
The auction platform of DealBookR 360 is executable (size of distributive near 16?_) and provides both basic informative services and graphic analysis. The feature of the trading platform is the "direct trading with the graph," and the changing (of an order) is done by moving the line, illustrating it. There are some original functions in DealBookR 360, as, for example; the trailing of feet and support of transactions between traders. The platform can realise the sets of popular technical indicators.

The Site
The site is pleasant, but is overloaded with superfluous information, and self-advertising. Much important information is either hidden, within in a context, or reported on the special query. The search service on the site is practically useless.


  • Registered in the US, and adapted to the rules of the CFTC. There are some public offices nad . open information about the management of the company. The registration of customer relationships is done with a "hard" contract.
  • There are a large set of trading currencies on offer with a selectable size of financial leverage and size of plumb line.
  • A wide set of different services for traders.
  • Flexible fundamental support.
  • A powerful trading platform.


  • Much important information on a site is hidden or not indicated.
  • There is a high cost of trading, mainly because of non-trading payments and fees.

شروط وأحكام التداول GFT Forex
618 Kenmoor Ave SE Grand Rapids, MI 49546, USAعنوان
Grand Rapidsمقر
1 616-956-9273هاتف مجاني
دعم على مدار 24 ساعة
التعليم المجاني
تداول المحمول
التداول الآلي
حساب تجريبي
تداول على مدار 24 ساعة
5الأرقام بعد النقطة في علامات الاقتباس
0.1الحد الأدنى لحجم الموقف
variableانتشار نوع
1-2انتشار PIP على التخصصات
50:1تأثير ايجابي
ECN, $
250حساب قياسي, $
2500حساب صغير, $
Credit Cards, PayPal, Wire Transfer, Checkطرق دفع شائعة
EUR, USD, GBP, JPYعملات الحساب
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1997تأسست في
GFT Forex

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